Saturday, May 26, 2007

Announcing the Debut of Sunday Serenity Hub

I started posting things that evoke serenity for me every Sunday over a month ago. I'd hoped it would catch on as a meme. But I don't know what made me think it would without some serious promoting on its behalf. Promotion. That thing that comes as naturally to me as sunbathing to bats.

My husband suggested I start a separate blog for a hub on the model of Thursday Thirteen and then he would help me promote it. He got so excited about the concept, he went into my blogger account and created the second blog this morning before my eyes were even focusing yet and then spent an hour or more doing some promo for it before he and his folks left for the dirt track races. So one of my projects for my hanging alone Saturday was to tweak the layout, write the intro post and then the first edition post.

I had hoped to have my own Sunday Serenity post prepared by now as well so that when I opened edition one for participant's comments, mine would be ready to link to. But the thing I had planned did not work out. At least not yet. It depended on some photographs I wanted to take outside. When I set up to do it, my nearly new digital camera wouldn't work. I am hoping it is only dead batteries.

Now I've either got to come up with a new plan or wait until my husband can replace the batteries tomorrow morning. I probably shouldn't count on it being the batteries though and come up with a new plan regardless. Arrrrgh!!! It's a Snoopy day.

I'm not going to sweat it for now. For the next few hours anyway. I've had a busy day with setting up the Sunday Serenity hub, laundry and a shampoo and the set up for the photo shoot that never happened. The latter involved lugging a bunch of stuff outside onto the porch and draping lawn chairs with blankets for backdrops. Then, of course, lugging it all back in when I couldn't get the camera to work. I have to take stuff outside to photograph them as my camera doesn't have flash.

My plan for the next couple hours is to watch two or three more episodes of Heroes. I'm about to start episode eight. I had promised myself an episode over my coffee this morning but started the conversation with my husband about Sunday Serenity and before my first cup of coffee was gone, he had the new blog up and his enthusiasm had rubbed off on me. After he and his folks left this afternoon, I moved my laptop out beside the PC and set up the PC to watch TV episodes on so that I could do other things with the laptop. I am always multi-tasking. I push my RAM to its limits with multiple aps and windows running. But streaming video pretty much hoggs the RAM.

Before I headed to NBC's Heroes site on the PC though, I headed to ABC first to see if I would encounter the same problem installing their new streaming video software as I had on the laptop. It installed without a hitch so that eliminates the theory that my laptop was too ancient as it is younger than the PC by two years. So it must be the AVG resident shield or some other thing I did to block malware during the last month which is preventing installation of the ABC streaming software. So I can relax about being able to catch the episodes I missed since the beginning of this year. I expect my husband or I will eventually figure out how to get the media player installed on the laptop but meanwhile, they will be available whenever the PC is available. Which is 9PM til 5AM most nights and Saturday's from 2PM on until October whenever dirt track racing isn't rained out.

Anyway, I was about to start watching a Heroes episode over my dinner about six but I'd also signed into my instant messenger on the PC and my sister logged on with hers and IMed me just then. By the time she had to go, I realized I would loose the light for photographing outdoors if I waited another hour. Then followed the failed photo shoot and a shampoo and a third load of laundry shuffled through the machines.

Well, this post went off on a tangent or two. It was supposed to be a simple announcement about Sunday Serenity hub and instructions for those interested in participating. OK. So the instructions are simple enough. Post something on your own blog that evokes serenity for you then visit the Sunday Serenity hub and leave a comment with a link to your post in the current edition which I will aim to have posted by early evening Pacific Coast Time each Saturday so it will be available for early risers in Europe and points east. Oh, and spreading the word to your blogging buddies to help build the community in this early stage would be very appreciated.

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