Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Still Playing Whack-A-Mole

With the malware that is. Here it is Wednesday night and we are still working at weeding at the threats and every time we think we've finally found the last baddie and their burrow entrance, another head pops up. Or tries to and triggers the protection software my husband installed.

I started to work on this post on the laptop after having spent several hours surfing and encountering no hint of trouble. But I was on my Blogger manage posts page when an alert popped up from AVG that a threat was detected and the page switched back to the dashboard without warning. Imagine if I had been writing the post already. So I've switched back over to the PC and started a spyware scan on the laptop which is going to keep it busy for over two hours.

I hate this clunky keyboard so I don't want to ramble on right now and anyone who has been following this story with me since Saturday is probably as bored by it as I am. So I'm off to continue working on backing up my AOL email on the PC while the laptop is busy with the scan.

If you came looking for my Thursday Thirteen edition, please come back later. I will do my best to have one up by noon on Thursday Pacific Coast Time. In fact, in case I won't be able to use the laptop, I should really try to get it posted before I loose access to the PC at 5AM. I hope not to have to do it on the PC though as all the info for TT is on the laptop. I would have to chase down the code again and come up with an idea that won't take much thought or research as all my notes and bookmarks are on the laptop.

I will see how things stand after the reboot following the scan. Many though not all of the problems have been traced back to IE browser add-ons, so one option would be to use the Firefox browser instead of IE on the laptop. Or I could use Livewriter to write the post and Firefox to to visit TT hub where there are plenty of participant links to make up for not having my TTer Fav file.

There, it feels better to have a plan. Now, time to get busy.

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