Friday, August 25, 2006

Updates--can't live with em can't live without em

I spent half of this session doing multimple restarts of my laptop both before and after going online. The fist one before because it was time and because during last night's session the HP update manager got hung and would niether finish nor close but continued to use CPU time as tho it were pedel to the metal. Then, within minutes of getting onine, AOL told me my virus updates were ready and to do a restart. I ignored them only to then be accosted by Acrobat Reader telling me that the updates that it had started downloading several sessions ago, were now ready and that to continue it needed permission to reboot. As if once wasn't enough, it had to do it again as soon as I logged onto my desktop. Apparently the first update had to be installed and a restarted done before the following update could be installed. That's what I get I guess for saying no thanks for months each time it offered.

Another portion of my session was taken up with renewing items on both mine and my husband's library accounts. Today--Friday--is library day for me. It still feels like Thursday to me since I haven't slept since I woke up Thursday afternoon. I am tempted to stay up again like I did yesterday morning and get back online after my mother-in-law leaves for work. But what with the facts of a short sleep yesterday, the library walk coming up this afternoon and needing to do laundry tonight before the week-end with Grandma after that--I better not risk it.

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