Saturday, August 19, 2006

Flush With Excess

This is just too funny. I wish I knew how to post one of those You Tubes so I could put it in your face. Please go see it at Echidne. It takes about half an hour to download on dial-up. But it is so worth it. More so if you are a cat person.

While I waited, I finished polishing up and link-hunting for the book review I was working on yesterday so I think I will go ahead and post it before I go lay down. It is the first of several I'm working on and one of the 22 books I read for Bubbles In My Head's Read-a-ton contest which left me in third place. Thank's Zoe for the fun time. Now I need to follow through with the reviews I kept promising and putting off so that I could continue to scarf down the books.

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