Thursday, August 03, 2006

Trending Toward the Mend

It's been almost two weeks now since the first sign of a sore throat and I'm still fighting whatever it is though the trend seems to be toward the mend. I don't think it was 'just' a silly cold anymore. But I can't give a more definitive name either. My Mom always called it a cold as long as your fever stayed below 100 and there was no vomiting. If either of those occured then she called it the Flu. You could hear the capital F in her voice. But then a couple of years ago when I went to a doctor, thinking I had the Flu because my fever went a nudge over 101 and nausea and vomiting had been the opening salvo, he said no it was 'just' a summer cold. Whatever.

My temp seemed to be trying to match the Valley temps last week. On two of the days the temperature here climbed above 100, my fever did also. At least to 101 on two days in a row. I suspect also on the third day--Friday--but couldn't take it because I had broke my themoteter on my cat's head Thursday. She climbed on my lap just as I was shaking it down. I suspect I am still occasionally running low grade fevers in the evenings but can't verify it. The worst of the symptoms left is a wearying cough and fatigue. That is why I've not done much here in over a week.

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