Thursday, August 24, 2006

Promo Chores

I spent this session doing promotional and site management chores. You might have noticed that I've started dabbling with my sidebar in the past week for the first time in nearly a year. No fiascos yet so I am getting braver. I have just signed up for several webrings and registries and am waiting for acceptance. I have been wanting to increase the number of my memberships in these community-building and site promtion services for some time but know it would involve fooling with the code in my sidebar has detered me.

I am also preparing to update the list Blogs I Haunt and the other lists of sites helpful to writers, readers and reseachers. I have been collecting the links for some time. I probably should have just been adding them as I found them like most people do. Ah, well.

I have to get offline now as it's almost time for my mother-in-law to get up but I am not one whit ready to sleep so I think I will be back after she leaves for work. Maybe I will be able to get another post in before noon.

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