Monday, August 07, 2006

Hoping to be Debugged

Just checking in. Have plenty to say but not enough time or energy to get it written. That bug I had has left me in a fugue. Low energy. Easy fatigue. It doesn't help that the smoke from a forest fire across the border in Northren California is creating a haze here in the Rogue Valley and degrading air quality. It didn't help that my first walk home from the library in three weeks Friday left me so exhausted I had to skip my night session which through me off my graveyard shift schedule. It doesn't help that just before my online session tonight a shoebox full of books from my rickety cardboard box shelving system next to my bed fell on my left arm just below the wrist leaving a knot and bruise and aching pain exasperated by typing. It really really doesn't help that one of the books hit the keyboard of my open laptop and apparently knocked loose the cap of the 'b' key. I'm panicing about that. I can't afford a repair bill right now. There isn't any obvious sign of breakage so I'm hoping it can be snapped back on. I'm currently typing without it by carefully pressing the tiny button the size of the head of a sewing pen each time I need the 'b' but I'm guessing this can't be good for the long term health of that key. It doesn't help that lack of upkeep in my room while I was sick has left chaos where most of my thinking and writing are done.

Here's hoping that bug has truely decamped and my energy and ambition return soon. Here's hoping my b key is working by tomorrow after my husband takes a look at it. And here's hoping I can find the time and energy to do something about that corner of my room by the bed which I call my office. It is out of control. Large boxes full of books are bending and tilting. The mini collapse last night was triggered by my husband turning over in bed which jostled a box pressed agaist the mattress which was supporting another box which was touching yet another. My very large sewing bag kept on the very top of the stack of boxes , up near the cieling, fell on my head when the books fell on my arm and keyboard. Thank goodness it was full of mostly yarn and cloth as the projects on frames or hoops are being kept at Grandma's over the summer because that is pretty much the only place I work on them. But getting hit on the head by something analogious to a couple of king sized pillows with small hard objects buried in them can still put a kink in ones neck--not to mention ones ambitions.

2 tell me a story:

Andrew McAllister 8/07/2006 3:46 PM  

I know what you mean. It's hard to feel ambitious when you're not feeling well.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Andrew McAllister 8/08/2006 3:31 AM  

Hi again Joy,

Thanks so much for dropping by and answering my Saturday Question. You've given me an inspiration for another question - about how partners often arrive at a marriage with differences due to their upbringing, and what sorts of hilarity / pain ensues. (I guess your response already covers that question as well :o)

All the best!

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