Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Serenity #315

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Still working the Secret Santa crochet project 8+ hours a day. Still behind. Getting there though. 12.5 squares to go on the strips.  10 on the Loops stitch and 2.5 on the Wavy Chevron.  Then to the joining stitching and the bottom mesh panel.

Speaking of which, I have had to make a major revision and let go of one of my favorite concepts of the whole project this week.  The Mobius strip for the bottom/sides/carry strap was the concept that got me excited to start this project but I made the fatal error of waiting too long to shop for the rest of the thread I need to finish it and the local stores were out of stock.

Just as well, since on last Sunday when I redid the calculations on time again I discovered I'd remembered wrong for the time calculations on the Mobius and thus remaining work on it was going to take twice as long as I'd been thinking for several weeks and turned my 6 to 8 hour days until Christmas into 12 hours days--essentially undoable--I had to let go of this vision and plan a simple rectangle bottom.  Not sure on the carry strap yet.

Still making this up as I go even this late in the game.

But I can't let go of the Mobius strip concept entirely so I am planning to do another version of this project soon.  Maybe for a diaper bag for one of the babies arriving next year.  Probably scaled down since it wouldn't have to be big enough to carry around a large quilt in progress as this crafter's tote was designed for.  Also I think I'd do the whole thing in the mesh stitch instead of another sampler like this one with 8 different stitches.  And probably I'd settle on two to four colors instead of the thirteen this one will have.

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