Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crochet Crafter's Tote Progress Report

The eight strips.  Bottom three for front panel completed.
Of five for back/top/flap panel the two on outer edges are finished.
The middle three not finished but one only needs 3/4 of final square.
The middle one needs 10 squares and the other one needs 7
There have been some major changes in the plan.  I've had to give up on the Mobius strip that was to form the bottom/sides/strap as we were unable to acquire the rest of the balls of Twig bamboo necessary to finishing.  I considered adding a wide stripe of Mushroom sandwiched between narrow stripes of the Twig but since I'd also discovered on Sunday that my time calculations for finishing the Mobius had been wrong--so wrong it doubled the estimated time for it--I decided to take the not finding the Twig as a sign I needed to give up the Mobius for this project.

I will be making a simple rectangle for the bottom now, using a combination of the Twig and Mushroom.  Still using the mesh stitch but possibly switching to three chain mesh to cover territory faster. The question now is will I have enough of the Twig left in the balls to make the 20x12 inch rectangle and the rest of the stripes in the Loops strip or will I have to cannibalize the Mobius strip?

I will also be using the Mushroom for the joining of the strips into panels and the panels to the bottom and probably for the strap.  I don't have a plan for the strap yet.

Section of panel that wraps horizontally around front and sides
Stacked as they will be with mesh on bottom, single crochet in middle and fillet on top 

Close up of the five strips for back/top/flap panel.
Right to left: Key Tab  finished;  Wavy Shell  10 and 1/4 squares done;
Loops 1 square done; Wave Chevron 4 squares done; Cross Hatch finished

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