Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scatterday Capers

I'm at loose ends today. None of the constrictions on my time of late applied today and my attention scattered like a heard of cats in an orchard on a windy fall day.

The cold that caught me on Christmas Eve is loosening its clutches but has far from let go.  So I gave myself permission to take it easy.

I crocheted on the Secret Santa project less than an hour today, made half a round with the loops on one 44 inch strip.  I daydreamed. I read and answered email.  I read fb newsfeed.  I played 5 Words with friends.  I daydreamed.  I opened and read in a couple of new ARC ebooks.  I downloaded several NetGalley ARCs that were waiting on my dashboard for weeks since I didn't dare start the 55 day countdown before Christmas.  I browsed on NetGalley and requested half a dozen more ARCs.  !!What was I thinking?  I daydreamed.  I fiddled with the metadata in my calibre ebook library for several hours.  I daydreamed.  I listened to news podcasts from Friday.  I read blogs and articles online and surfed random links off of them.  I daydreamed.  I moved files around in my archives in a feeble attempt to impose order.  I reorganized my crochet WIP box prepping it for the trip to Longview possibly next week.  I daydreamed.

I was completely scatterpated

With ROW80 on hiatus I was at loose ends regarding today's post since Saturday night has been my check-in post.  No thoughts.  So I guess it's the LOLcat fallback again.

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