Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday Serenity #313

Finished the third (top) of the eight strips of 11 squares yesterday.

Have 19 finished squares spread among the remaining five strips.  For a total of 52 out of the 88.

When I tried to measure the second (middle) finished strip against the first strip (bottom) finished last October several days ago it seemed to come out more than a full square short but when hanging them side by side for this photo shoot the difference in length seems much less than that.

The third one had also seemed at lest half a square longer than the second when I first held them up together yesterday but looks close to the same here.  Both the second an third are definitely narrower than I meant for them to be.  The original plan called for 4x4 inch squares  

I should have added 2 iterations of the pattern on the Key Tab (middle) and 1 iteration on the Cross Hatch (top).  Don't know why I didn't measure more carefully when starting the first square on each.  I think I had got it in my head that 44 chains equals 4 inches and didn't consider how much some of the stitch patterns gathered up those chains.

This has been a 'make it up as I go' project all along so I will find a way to compensate for these oopsies.  These two narrow strips are not in the same panel as the first strip and their positions are on the outer edges of the panel that forms the back/top/flap with three more strips sandwhiched between them.  My plan is to add an extra row of single crochet in the brown around them as a border.  Or possibly the extra row will just be on the outer edges.  Both stitches created a rather flimsy fabric also so they could use the firming up of a stiffer edging

Well then.  Back to work.  Have not put in my 4-6 hours for Sunday yet.

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