Wednesday, December 12, 2012


wen ai dun dis b bootifool kwissmiss purrzent 

Twelve Things I'm Looking Forward to Doing Again After the Secret Santa Crochet Project is Finished

  1. Reading a novel for hours
  2. Watching Movies
  3. Playing Spider or Mahjong
  4. Playing with my Merlin kitteh
  5. Sleeping until I'm done
  6. Writing poems and stories and book reviews
  7. Research
  8. Finish some of the many fiber art project put aside like the curtain for my kitchen window started in October or the rainbow tote I'm making for myself begun 18 months ago or the dolphin and orca counted cross stitch pictures begun 12 years ago
  9. Finish prepping my short story Blow Me a Candy Kiss for epublishing
  10. Hang out at the library and bring home a busload of books
  11. Housework
  12. Writing posts about something besides the Secret Santa crochet project
Note: tho not posting this until wee hours of Friday I had this planned and partially prepped before we lost Internet in the wee hours of Wednesday.

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