Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Serenity #304

Fiesta Days @

Bloggiesta is over.  My list looks much the same as when I created it on Frida.  Only two items crossed off tho  I began many more of them and along the way also got sidetracked into tasks not originally on the list but blog improvement related.  But again, many begun and few finished.

Unfinished is my middle name.

Issues with connection made some tasks slow and tedious or interrupted altogether so I didn't complete any mini-challenges or visit many blogs or leave any comments.  Which kinda  put the fizzle in the fiesta for me leaving me just plugging away at a 2do list alone in my office like any other day.

But I don't mean to make it  sound like it was all fizzle and no zesta.  I enjoyed the learning and discovering of new things in the mini-challenge posts I did read and also on the sidebars of those blogs.  Probably the biggest accomplishment was the addition of many more 2dos onto my master task list for going forward--widgets to add, social media to join, blogs to follow, events to participate in, organizational tips to try....

Too bad Bloggiesta can't be once a month instead of twice a year.

I hear the next one is scheduled for the last weekend of March.

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