Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Serenity #302

While reading Bel Canto this last week, I started listening to opera on YouTube so I could hear what the characters were hearing. Somehow, in the way of things on YouTube, I ended up listening to various talent shows.  I think it it was Paul Pott's singing Nessum Doria that took me there first but then by following the related videos I was soon hooked on watching these new talents blow the jaded judges out of the water with their 'where did that come from' performances.

One after another I watched Paul Potts, Jamie Pugh and others.  I was about to click on one of the Susan Boyle videos to watch it again after months and months of not listening to it tho it is in my favs and one or two other play lists.  But then I saw this one from Korea's Got Talent and clicked it instead.  By the end of it I could well have become a puddle on the floor I was blubbering so.

This boy's story is straight out of a Dicken's novel.

His voice is straight out of Heaven's Choir.

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