Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Forays in Fiction: Facts Feigning Fiction

I've just discovered and I confess been shanghaied by another one of those 'timewaster' sites.  At least that is how I first thought of, lumping it in with and their ilk.  But the more I hung out here the more I realized there was more than just LOL jokes.  There is also much educational value. Which is the underpinning virtue of all story whether fact or fiction. messes with your head by playing in the interface between fact and fiction.  Facts hiding in old stories in like this article relating the original meanings behind several popular children's songs.  For example London Bridge is Falling down is about the ancient ritual of walling up children to die slowly of starvation and thirst in stone structures like castles, churches and bridges in order to insure the stability of the structure into the future.

I'll let you go read for yourself the facts hiding in Jimmy Cracked Corn, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, Blow the Man Down and She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain.

Other articles on feature facts deemed too unbelievable to be in a fictional story.  Fictions that fooled the whole world into believing they were facts.  Or wrap your head around this--disturbing 'facts' hidden in pop culture that aren't facts afterall but just the daymares of tinfoil hat wearers.

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