Wednesday, September 05, 2012


My order was waiting for me when I woke up this afternoon.

I swear the sight of these beauties woke up my appetite hours sooner than it usually wakes up after I've been asleep for more than six hours.  For I'd no more got all of the plastic stripped off the balls and I found my hands shaking too bad to handle them let alone the crochet hook,

I actually had to fiercely resist the urge to put my mouth on one--the kind of urge I imagine infants and toddlers have for everything they touch and feel no shame in not resisting.

It didn't hep that one of them is called Berry Burst and another Lime.  And Fudge!

Most of these are dedicated to specific larger projects but a few were just new colors to add to the palette for the bookmarks.

The new ones: lime bamboo and sea glass bamboo to either side of the white bamboo at top; Passionata variegated cotton bottom right corner; and the Lizbeth Egyptian cotton size 20 Berry Burst Variegated.

The Navy cotton top right is for finishing my rainbow tote that I started a year ago last spring.  The Fudge brown cotton top left is to replace the one in my collection that is getting low as being a neutral color it ends up getting combined with other colors frequently.

The rest of the bamboo: white, blue, coral, twig brown are for the Secret Santa project.  The white, blue and twig are also for the curtain I'm planning to crochet for our kitchen window.  To be combined with: mushroom (tan) which I already have.  But I'm not allowing myself to start the curtain until I finish some of the things on the hook already.  Either one largish or several smaller.

Also I need to get cracking on the Secret Santa project.  I lost my momentum during the heatwave last month.

This is the first of three or four thread orders between now and mid November as I'm going to need to get several more of the twig brown for the curtain and the Secret Santa project, a couple more white for the curtain project plus just because I gotta keep a white available for the small projects--bookmarks, flowers, bows, snowflakes and such.  Also I'm using a large palette of pastels for the Secret Santa project and I expect to have to replace each one at least once before I'm done and possibly afterwards to make sure the colors remain available for the bookmarks.

Time to stop typing and pick up that hook now...

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