Thursday, September 06, 2012

Do Our Screens Steal Our Dreams?

Image of my screen as I work on this post
Tablet Light May Affect Sleep By Suppressing Melatonin:

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Assuming the light from the tablet devices is the same or similar to that from my netbook, could this explain my two 33-37 hours awake cycles in the past week?

I spend at least 12 hours per day with my eyes glued to this screen.  Reading/Research.  Writing/Blogging.  Surfing.  Streaming Videos.  News Pods. Solitaire/misc games. Data Base/Spread Sheet. Graphics/Photo.  Mind Map.  Facebook.  Email.  Chat....

But in my case, due to my visual impairment, the advice to dim the screen (and elsewhere I've read dim the room lights) in the two hours before time to sleep is next to impossible to follow.  It leaves me without much to do with that time besides stare into space.  Meditate maybe.  Daydream?  Pray?

For in order to move about the room or the house I need it well lit. By which I mean a minimum of 100wats.

Maybe light is warding off sleep but I don't sleep very well after the jarrings I take like the one a couple weeks ago when I ran into the wall trying to navigate the living room without turning on the light or smashing my shin into the open dishwasher door or stubbing my toe on a chair leg.

This is a quandry.  What can one do for two hours that doesn't involve light?

One possible concept that just came to me would be to use the time for writing with the application screen colors set to cyan letters against dark blue background which was my favored setting on my very first word processor.

And that just prompted me to check the options on my calibre ereader and I can have that same cyan on blue.  Or any other light text on dark background combo.  I will check the options on the Kindle for PC next time I open it.

Any other suggestions?

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