Saturday, September 29, 2012

Big and Little Fixes and Deep Sixes

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The theme of the last couple of days seems to be about revision.

I no sooner got my Bloggiesta goals posted on Friday and I was hit with the irresistible need for a siesta.  Probably because I'd already been awake over twenty hours.

While thinking about the crocheted crafter's tote as I was dozing off, I realized the broom stick stitch pattern I'd settled on for one of the strips was too lacy and did not play well with the others--it was too flimsy and would have required a lining which there is no extra time for.  So I spent an hour going over stitch patterns looking for a replacement and another hour thinking about how to repurpose the square already made.

While working on the Bloggiesta goal to create an embeddable spreadsheet for ROW80 goals I spent an extra hour after creating the spreadsheet trying to figure out how to embed it and had to give up and substitute a screenshot image and link to the spreadsheet for the ROW80 page I created for the goal list.

I spent a couple hours rewriting the goals from the last round, stripping them of the commentary from previous rounds, tweaking, reordering and clarifying.

That is at least two Bloggiesta goals complete.  Plus the work is done for tomorrow's first Round 4 check-in.

This afternoon when about to switch from the crochet back to Bloggiesta I suddenly got the urge to completely rearrange my desk corner again.  For the third time in a week!  This time I knew I'd tried all of the easy fixes and if I was going to do it I was going to have to go whole hog.  Meaning I would have to remove over a hundred books off of the shelves and move the shelves.

That project took over four hours.

I concluded it was necessary after all of the focus on goals for Bloggiesta, ROW80, NaNo, and the Tote project revealed to me the relationship between the poor setup and poor productivity.

Issues needing addressed: light coming from the wrong angle, no room to swivel the chair and little room to roll it, no space to spread out papers and open books, stuff blocking the shelves containing reference books, frequently used books and tools out of reach from the chair, putting items away was as difficult as getting them out.

Only time will tell if I've solved any or all of these issues.  Tho I'm fairly happy with the lighting situation at the moment.

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