Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thusday 13: Nostalgia

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13 Nostalgic Images

Dollhouse just like the one I had in the 1960s.  Made of painted sheets of aluminum bent with slotted tabs 
My baby sister pushing the baby doll carriage at our maternal grandparent's.  Grandpa  had replaced the  tattered cloth bed with a cardboard box.

The ceramic pitcher my mom made juice and Jello in when I was little.  it had matching juice glasses

Old readers from the 30s and 40s which were part of my early years of reading.  Mom read to us out of these before I learned to read

My first embroider started age 11

Hollyhock Dolls my mom made this summer which sent me back to very young age watching her, her mother or her aunt making them
The public library in Longview WA where I got my first  library card at age 5

3 for 1: Me age 5 holding my favorite baby doll which had been my mom's, sitting on our first swing set with my future highs school in the background

Me age 9 or 10 reading to my baby sister and cousin in our front yard.

My Dad's parents would park their camper in our yard when they visited from Idaho.  That's me age 3 with my Grandma

Views of our house.  The early years before the remodeling begun when I was  5

I had one of these Cheerful Tearful Dolls 

Inside the house I lived in from 6wks to 17yrs 9mo.  That's Mom sitting in the kitchen holding me shortly after they moved in.  View taken from the living room.  Both rooms were paneled in Knotty Pine with Knotty Pine cabinetry in the Kitchen.

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Unknown 9/23/2011 4:34 AM  

Great pics. Thanks for sharing your blast from the past. Happy T13!

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