Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Serenity #247 The Soul of Books

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This could have been me at three.

Books were my obsession even earlier than that.  I can't remember a day when they weren't.  Mom tells me that I began begging to keep the bedtime storybook she had just read to me under my pillow almost as soon as I could roll over and reach through the crib rails to grab it.

Today I'm hoping to devote some time reading one or more of the banned or challenged books I have in honor of Banned Book Week.  Scroll down before the review of The Lovely Bones to see the list in yesterday's post.  Only there are a few more I've discovered qualified since I posted that.  One of them the library book East of Eden by John Stienbeck.  Not that I didn't know I had it but I didn't find it on any list of banned or challenged books until late last evening.  And I had actually been looking for it because I want an excuse to bump it up in queue despite not having as urgent a due date as several others.

Well we'll see.

I'm also hoping to spend time visiting other BBW bloggers to see what's on their mind and maybe enter giveaways.  :)

I will leave you with this awesome quote from a sublime novel:

This is a place of mystery, Daniel, a sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.   --Carlos Ruiz Zafon in The Shadow of the Wind.

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