Saturday, September 03, 2011

Paws for Effect.

I'm too tired to think.  Ed and his folks went to the dirt track today and that meant chore day for me.  I stripped the bed, sorted laundry and did four loads, washed a sink full of dishes, showered, folded and put away clothes, put six pillows in slips...  All between 4pm and midnight.

All with the help of our cat Merlin and Ed's folks' dag Bruiser.  I swear they both had to follow me everywhere I went and stick their noses into everything I was doing.  It was even hard to get the bathroom door closed before one of them had followed me in there too.

This was the first dirt track races Ed and his folks went to since I got back from Longview a month ago so it was the first chance I've had to do laundry.  Well do it the easy way sorting loads in the hallway and keeping waiting loads on the floor, shutting the doggy door and letting Merlin and Bruiser share the front of the house so I can go in and out of our room without trying to keep Merlin from getting out, moving up and down the hall without worrying about who else might be moving about.

On the plus side I read while loads ran, finishing one novel and advancing nearly 100 pages in another and also got to watch a movie on the big TV in the front room.  I chose East of Eden starring James Dean.  I have a feeling since it was only 118 minutes that it left a lot from the book out.  I've never read the book though it has been on my TBR list for many years.

They are going to the track again tomorrow.  This was one of a few weekends of the season with two races and they've all be excited about it for weeks.  So have I.  Not about the races but about my chance to be home alone even though that means doing hours of chores.  It's better than being holed up in a 10x12 room with a cat who's recently learned how to open the door unless I block it so well I can barely open it myself.

I got my chores done today so tomorrow I get to chill.  Maybe I'll watch another movie on the big TV or read or play loud music or take pictures of Merlin and Bruiser being cute

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