Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Serenity #246

no pikshurz no problim
Reading My Own Books At My Own Pace
The Read Your Own Books Read-a-Thon is over for me in a few minutes I read one whole novel: The Swan Princess by Heather Tomlinson.

I also read the first ten pages or so of War and Peace. Don't know if I'm going to stick with that right now but it was one of the books I own that's been calling to me from the shelf for some time now.  I have begun it many times.  The first time in my senior year of High School.  1976 that was and I remember passing page 300.  I never got that far again.  In fact I doubt I passed page 100 on subsequent tries.  There was always a library book with an urgent due date calling me away.  Maybe I should check it out of the library eh?  It would probably have a better chance of getting read.

That was my motivation for joining this Thon--to give books I own a chance to compete for a few days with the two dozen library books I've got checked out.

 I also browsed a lot of pages among six NF books related in some way to Mythology. The list is in my Friday Forays in Fiction Post

That may not sound like much--I've been on Read-a-Thon participant pages touting 5 and up books finished or pages in the 1000s.  Once upon a time I could have competed on that level--at my peak I read 3 pages per minute.  But no more.  Not with my visual impairment.  Now I'm lucky to get 3 minutes per page on regular print, 1 minute per on large print.  So I read at my own speed (which is currently around 20 to 30 pages per hour) and am grateful I still can.

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Bahnree 9/19/2011 11:19 AM  

Good job! Any pages read is a win, right?

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