Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I Dis Got No Happys Too Day

My netbook power cord died. It may be a month or more before we can replace it. Am using Ed's laptop. Can count on only six to eight hours of use each day and I just spent four hours getting my desktop set up, getting signed into gmail, blogger, icanhascheezeburger, fb, live messenger and more and setting preferences on them and the browser.

I managed to backup my document files including Whizfolder files where nearly every note and draft I've made in the last four years is. In order to open Whiz files on Ed's computer though I had to download a 30 day trial of WhizFoldersPro. But I was using WhizFoldersDeluxe so some features I'm used to won't be available.

I couldn't back up my ebook and audiobook libraries nor my graphic files as there wasn't room on the external drive I was using. I have some thumb drives but now have only 40 minutes of battery left on the netbook and don't think that is enough time.

So many pieces of so many projects still trapped on the netbook.... am not happy. No.

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