Saturday, August 06, 2011

Buttons, Beads, Bags and Bookmarks

These are a few of the bookmarks I was dressing this past week. All but one of these are from the set I made my sister Carri for her birthday. The one in the bottom left coroner is a fob for a thumb drive which I gave to my nephew. There is another set I am making for my sister Jamie most of which are still unfinished and the ones I did finish I gave to her Thursday without taking pics first. (sis you'll have to take pics and send them to me)

On Thursday Jamie sent home with me the first bookmark I gave her in 2009 in order to fix it. It was the third one I ever made. But I'd misjudged the length of black ribbing I needed in order to attach the planed beads to the bottom. I'd cut it so short the beads would have been tripped inside even a paperback so I left them off. But that left nothing to stop the big bead at the top from pulling the bookmark out of the book when the least bit of extra gravity was in play.

I think I may have overdone the length this time. :)

So this evening I replaced the black ribbing and sewed on two black beads with tiny red buttons as stoppers to hold the thread. I like this concept so well I can't wait to try it again.

The bulk of my crafts and clothes are packed and in the car. I'm leaving Longview in the morning and will be in Phoenix OR by dinnertime.

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