Friday, August 05, 2011

Family and Friends

The last two days have been full to the brim with family and friends. Thursday I spent at my sister Jamie's apartment in Vancouver with two of her friends, chatting, crocheting, cooking (I watched) eating, and laughing. Got a bit tipsy on wine for the first time in years. Had so much fun!

Today, back inLongview, I had lunch at Stuffy's with my sister Carri, our cousin and her daughter-in-law and grandson and granddaughter. Three hours of laughter, eats and visiting. I managed to crochet a whole row on my Noro shawl while there.

After that my sister took me to the dollar store and then to Electric Bean, the coffee shop she hangs out on her weekends off when our mom is at our brother's home in Portland. The pic above is of a mural she painted on their wall. We hung out there for a couple hours visiting over coffee and listening to the musicians. Friday is open mic night. When the music was playing it was too loud to visit so I crocheted some more on my shawl.

We headed home at dusk as Carri was expecting the arrival of a respit child and I needed to start packing. Tonight I'm focusing on the craft stuff. Tomorrow will be everything else. Carri will be driving me south on Sunday. We'll say our good-byes at Rice Hill OR after transferring my stuff from her car to Ed's car and two hours later I'll be home in Phoenix OR. This three weeks just flew.

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