Friday, August 12, 2011

Raise Your Hand if You Can

u type dis capshun i cant reech teh keybord frm heer

I'm having significant range of motion issues with my left arm today. It's hurting at the shoulder where ligaments meet bone. It hurts to lift my arm, to reach behind me or across my chest. Which makes crocheting and keyboarding difficult. So I spent the day watching DVD on the TV and reading.

I'm pretty sure the cause of this is my reaching into the closet over the top of my craft chest to lift the bundle of hangers with clothing on them still wrapped in the trash bag that protected them for travel on Sunday. The drawstring of the bag was still hung over the hangers so I had to lift the whole bundle and support it with one hand (left) while I lifted off the drawstring with the other (right) and extracted the outfit i was wearing to the doctor appointment. That must have been when the damage was done but it didn't cause any pain or range of motion issues until after I woke up this afternoon. And it isn't stiffness that is alleviated by use as it has gotten progressively worse the more I try to use my arm.

I took 3 Naproxin an hour before starting to work on this and it is barely touching the pain. Once I have my left hand positioned on the keyboard and rested on the edge of the netbook I can type without pain as long as I don't lift my hand.

Here's hoping this resolves itself in a matter of days and not weeks.

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