Saturday, August 13, 2011

Believe and You Will See

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The events of this week have broken me out of the rut I've been in for months. First the incident with the netbook power cord failing then the injury to my left shoulder. Or maybe it goes back to the return home on Sunday after three weeks away.

At any rate my routines of thought and action have been thoroughly disrupted. My obsessive checking of news, email and fb was interrupted by the power cord failure Wednesday and I've yet to resume it. My obsessive crocheting was interrupted first by the packing and travel and unpacking last weekend but I was on the verge of resuming when the pain in my shoulder prevented it.

Because of these disruptions I've been contemplating the effect those obsessive behaviors have on me and my dreams and goals. How those things I say I want I've been doing little to nothing about for nearly a year now.

So I'm taking this lesson to heart and giving serious thought to how things need to be different--thoughts, activities, time use--and how I can take advantage of the recent disruptions of habit to establish new and healthier and more productive ones aimed at reaching the goals I say I want to reach. Or alternatively admitting that the goals have changed.

There is this dark cynical aspect of me muttering Yeah right! I'll believe it when I see it! in the shadows of my mind right now.

But I am reminded that that is backwards thinking. For it is what we believe that controls what we see and what we think and what we do.

So I answer back to the shadows We'll see it when we believe it! How about we stop sabotaging our self by believing in failure?

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