Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Serenity #240

My niece's wedding was today. This was the only decent shot I got with my camera of the bride. I was aiming blind as I cannot see the LED screen in the sunlight. Then after three pics my batteries died.

Let's take the rest of the pics I took this morning backward in time.

The wedding present wrapped--the crocheted mat is pinned onto foam board with another piece hinged onto it and a satin ribbon wrapped around.

The bridal purse wrapped.

The mat all fringed and blocked and ready to mount on the foam board. I had the fringe in by dawn Saturday but did not wet it down and block it until after I woke up Saturday afternoon. It was still a tad damp when I moved from the blanket I'd blocked it on to the foam board. But not much and it held its shape well enough.

The bridal purse ready to wrap, laying in the bed fo pale blue tissue. I spent hours Saturday night trying to get those antique buttons attached safely to the ribbon draw string. I learned in the process that the ribbon is cheep and frays easily. I should have crocheted the draw string. I tried to make a third blue band with the ribon as a guide for both ribbons so that the drawstring could hang from wrist. But it fell apart twice so I gave up. Then thought of the crocheted circlet and that worked.

I got my hair cut yesterday evening and late night my sister dyed it chestnut. Then back to work on gifts. I've been awake since 1pm yesterday. It's time to give in to sleep.

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