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Thursday 13 ~ 7/21/11

13 Of My Crocheted Bookmark Patterns and Their Variations

1. This was the first. The one Mom taught me in April 2009 5 months after her stroke when her aphasia was still pronounced. She studied a bookmark I found in one of my Dad's books after he died and reverse-engineered it and then demonstrated for a row or two and then watched me try...and try...and try...

Everything you find on this site regarding crochet and my crochet WIP all stemmed from that first bookmark. It's not pictured as it was gifted that same month to my MIL.

2. A few weeks after mastering that first pattern I designed my first one using the same stitch--the double crochet--that had made up the first one.

2 B. I'm grouping this with the ones above it because it is nothing but the center section standing alone. I've made this one twice as long but no longer have it to photograph. The one pictured is about 4 inches without the ribbon.

3. My second new pattern and design. Still using only the chain and the double crochet. This one too is about 4 inches sans ribbon and I've also made it longer.

4. These four and the two below are variations on the first bookmark I made following a pattern. The original is not shown as it has been gifted. Here I've learned a new stitch called the cross-stitch but it is still two double crochets crossed.

5. This one is a riff on a scarf pattern. Still all double crochet but variations on it use half-double or single crochet. I've made over a dozen in various lengths but few have had their fringes put on yet. I'm terrible at those finishing touches. You'll see a lot of start and finish tails still awaiting tucking into the stitches in the following pics.

6. This was also based on a scarf pattern. These use single crochet, triple crochet, double triple crochet and the trinity stitch for the border. The one on top has the border in a third color while the one below repeats the center color. The top one is cotton size 10 and the bottom one is bamboo size 10

7. Here I continue to use the triple in the middle and the trinity for the border but the rows to either side of the center are my first bobble stitches.

8. Here the trinity stitch makes up the body. The top has a picot border. The bottom has no border.

9. This is the Solomon's Knot aka Love Knot. Top to bottom: bamboo size 10, white cotton size 30, Lizbeth's Egyptian cotton size 20. FYI as the size number increases the thread size decreases. I've used sizes 50 and 100 as well. 100 is not much different in size than sewing thread but it's stronger.

10. This is called, by some books, a chain mesh. It is basically the same stitch I'm using int the bridal purse as seen in yesterday's post. But here it was three chains then a single crochet into the middle chain of the 3 chain directly below. Here it's five chains with a slip stitch in the 3rd or middle chain of the 5 chain below.

This is hand painted silk thread. I was practicing the stitch I thot I was going to use on my MIL's shawl. But then I saw the Love Knot and used it instead. Technically I suppose this one should have preceded the one above.

11. This is the interweave stitch aka the post stitch where a stitch above wraps around the post of the stitch below it instead being worked into the top of the stitch as normal. when you use contrasting colors the effect can be striking. The border is my first picot attempts.

I used this stitch in the baby afghan for my grand-nephew born in January. It was 36X30 inches with white alternating with 5 pastels in bamboo size 10 thread. I made several bookmarks using the bamboo thread and the same colors to practice the stitch and work out the order of the pastel rows. I should have included one here but didn't think of it.

12. The top two with interlocking circlets using a stitch I made up and still haven't found describe in any of the books. It is based on the triple but I take the loops off 1 than 2 than 3 instead of the 2-2-2 of the triple crochet. The top one is actually being made for the shoulder strap of the rainbow tote I'm making for myself. The blues and purples below it is for my sister's B-day. Both are still on the hook as are the group below.

13. The two in the middle are using the chevron or zig-zag stitch. It can be done with any of the stitche from single through double triple but here I'm using single crochet.

The one on the bottom is really a variation on the scarf pattern seen in 5 only with single crochet and square sections. I'm intending to fringe it but a tassel would work as well. Also if I make the squares bigger I could do riffs on the concept below.

This is unfinished. It should have been grouped with #4 as it was a riff on the cross stitch rows alternating with double or half double rows. I began it a year ago and had it off the hook but did not like the way the triangle on the right pointed inward instead of out like the first one. I had meant to flip it. I went ahead and added the three rows of purple cross stitch and took it off the hook but I could never convince myself to like it. So I took off the purple rows and plan to make the yellow triangle in green a diamond and then add a triangle pointing out at the end. This will be one of a kind tho as from now on when I do shapes I will use single crochet instead of the half-double seen here and I won't be using those cross stitch rows.

I had some unwanted help during the photo shoot. I'm currently staying at my Mom's and my nephew's cat Bradley kept insisting that my lay out space was a bed or a playpen. I had to shut him in the stair well for awhile.

During the photo shoot I misplaced two of the bookmarks and was blaming Bradley but when they turned up after a ninety minute search they were in places that made it obvious that I was at fault.

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