Thursday, July 07, 2011

But I'd Share Mine With You

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I'v got the rainbow panel of my crochet tote finished now and have crocheted the two ends together to make a tube of it. Am not working the bobble rims tho barely begun the first one. Once I have the bobble rims on I can crochet the bowl to the bottom and crochet the upper panel for the drawstring. I still have half a dozen of the smaller circlets to crochet and then I'll be free of the sixteen colors and will only need to take with me to Longview next weekend the Mexican variegated for making the bobbles, the drawstring and the circlets the join the solid circlet in the shoulder strap and the navy to attach the bowl to the bottom and I hope to also make the upper panel tho I'm afraid there isn't enough and since both of my nearly gone navy balls are significantly different shades when side by side I fear I won't be able to match it in a new ball. So I am considering making the top panel in a different color, possibly another shade of blue, blue green or the golden yellow. Which would mean toting another ball for that project.

I've been working for weeks now at resisting the strong need to take my whole thread stash and bookmark wardrobe with me again and am pretty sure I won't surrender. The same for books, clothes and etc. The last several times I've been to Lonview my stuff filled the back seat and the trunk. But those visits were two to six months long and this one is to be only 3 weeks.

I'm planning to set limits in some way. Such as take only the black and white thread in all sizes and work projects in one or both of them. Like snowflakes or zebra striped bookmarks. Or take only the small balls like the pearl, the Lizbeth Egyptian cotton Cordonet, the tatting thread, and the Cebelia of which I have two--black and white. Essentially the whole stash of thread smaller than size 10. It's about time I enlarged the stash of bookmarks in the thread sizes 20, 30, 50 and 100. Many of them are white and would make excellent snowflakes. Or alternatively take only all the bamboo thread. All in the first list would be smaller in volume than then all of the bamboo tho.

Another option would be to choose a few of the many unfinished projects and take only the materials needed to finish them and maybe add to that the black and white threads for doing small quick and very portable projects like bookmarks and snowflakes.

Ah! Choices! I'm paralyzed by them!

And I haven't even begun to talk books.

My solution there was to load up my netbook with ebooks and audio books and links to text online and then be extremely frugal in the number of tree books I take. I haven't settled on a number but it has to fit on one hand of fingers. After all I'm going to be checking out at the Longview and Vancouver libraries on my sister's card again. Mostly some of the same books I didn't finish the last three times I was there.

I will be taking my printer as I still have a couple of boxes of family photos left to scan.

One of the frustrating things right now is that there is no room in this room to keep bags or boxes to collect the things that I need or want to take with me so I have to do this all in my head and then put it all together next Saturday. Maybe I can start on Friday and get away with keeping the packed stuff in the living room overnight and on Ed's side of the bed when he's not using it.

Are you picking up yet on how much travel discombobulates me?

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