Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So You're Overwhelmed?

Sews ur oberwelmd? luk at it                   lyks dis wurks 4 me

Why oh why did I send for 40+ library items (books, dvd, audio books)in the last two weeks when I knew I was leaving on Sunday for three weeks????!

Why did I start four new bookmarks using 11 of the colors I claimed I would be leaving behind? Which means either finish them by Sunday or take them with me or leave them behind.

Why am I just now unpacking and sorting stuff that I took with me to Mom's last summer in order to find the things I,* urm* need *cough* to take with me this time? Isn't it a pretty good sign that if I haven't needed it in a year I probably won't need it on this three week visit out of state?

Well, one way to look at it is that packing for this trip has forced me to sort out half a dozen boxes, three bags and 4 drawers.

I'm determined not to leave a mess behind me this time so unpacking won't be as overwhelming as packing.

Um, where have I heard that before?

5 days to get packed!

Ai! I'm gonna go stick my head the duffle bag and breathe....

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