Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Forays in Fiction: The Character of My Storyworld

branches' mesh mashed up by interfering sunlight — perspective of a dragonfly hovering over a bayou

This is what it feels like to think about my FOS storyworld. It's tangled threads flickering with colored lights floating in flowing fluid. It's chaotic and I've always fought that trying to force order upon it--my unrealistic sense of order. The sense of order seen in a graveyard or mausoleum, everything in ordered columns and rows; everything staying put in the place it was assigned; everything labeled...

But there is now story in that. Or if there were it was over once something was put in it's place to stay. Living things don't stay put. Stories don't stay ordered like account books.

Maybe I should have been an accountant.


I've been doing a lot of thinking about my fiction WIP all week as my hands have been busy sorting and packing for my trip Sunday. I'v set my mind to set my mind upon writing my stories again as soon as I've unpacked after I get home August 7th. I haven't touched my fiction files for months and haven't written any new narrative or dialog since NaNoWriMo ended November 30.

So until then I need to meditate and muse upon this insight: Let my stories breathe! Let them teem and stream. Let them mix and mingle and tumble and jumble. Let them live.

Between now and the end of August I will allow myself to impose some order on the messes I've made of my fiction files during the last 7 NaNos for the purpose mainly to refamiliarize myself with what is there, to add some of the thoughts I've had in the last nine months that haven't been recorded anywhere--those I still remember anyway, and to get reacquainted with the characters.

In the last several weeks I've written a book review, two movie reviews and a poem. My writing mojo which had run off has returned and it is time to sic it on the stories.

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