Saturday, July 02, 2011

LOLing it Up

I captioned 3 LOLcats today so might as well share them here and call it a day. I have some pages to turn and some DVD to watch and some stitches to stitch.

Waste the rainbow

Tthree more rows finishes the rainbow panel for the tote. Still a few circlets to make but then I can start putting the pieces together. Hope to finish with the 16 solid colors before I leave for Longview in two weeks. Probably can't hope to actually finish the tote now as there is so much else needing done before I leave: library books and DVD to finish; bday, belated Mother's .Day, bridal and wedding presents to finish or at least start; packing; and still the daily posts.

it b long tym b4 wi see deh nxt payj

ai fink it b moar hepful 2 hab relibul lite

This is a pun. To get it you need to figure out the title of the book in the foreground.

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