Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Pitchers

Back in the day when I was of an age to be included in that group referred to by grownups as 'little pitchers' --you know, those odd creatures with big ears? -- this little ceramic pitcher with a rooster and flowers painted on it was a frequent fixture of the lunch table.

I was going about Mom's house this evening looking for items of nostalgia that conjured up memories of childhood and this was one of the first to catch my eye.

I remember Mom serving milk or juice in it at lunch time. I also remember her using it to mix Jello, putting the powder in and then pouring boiling water from the tea kettle in and stirring with a metal wand with a spiral of metal on its end that jiggled when you shook it in the air.

I remember, being allowed to pour the hot liquid Jello into small dishes for serving and setting them in the fridge. I also remember drinking the hot liquid Jello itself--usually when I was sick.

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