Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blessings in Disguise

ai borked ur interwebz nexshun

Our internet connection went down this morning (Saturday) and stayed down all day and all night. It came back on for five minutes at 9AM Sunday so we continued with our plans to spend the afternoon at the Ashland library with our computers. Where I am now working on my posts for Saturday and Sunday on my netbook while Ed is gaming on his laptop across the table. I've fudged the date on this to get my Saturday post.

Because the net was unavailable I made huge inroads on the sorting/organizing of my desk and sewing stuffs. One of the tasks on my to do list in Tuesday's post. I accomplished some other things on that list which I'll save to discuss on next Tuesday's post. I also read in three books. Sorted the laundry. And watched a library DVD. Also got some one on one with Ed which I probably wouldn't have had as one or both of us would have been online.

It was 11 months to the day (March 19) last year that our modem died and we went through the weekend without internet. It amazed me then and continues to as to just how dependent we are on it. Especially emotionally.

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