Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bamboo Baby Afghan at 6 Weeks

I reached the end of 14 iterations of the ten row pattern--blue-white-yellow-white-lilac-white-pink-white-green-white--and the blue row of iteration 15 aka the last iteration. So twelve rows to go or 9 rows of I15 plus the final blue-white-white. I should have that done by Sunday. Then work on the fringe begins. Tho I might decide to hand wash and block it before working the fringe.

Above you see it draped over my white cane approximately in half and held in front of the oven same as last week. The week before that it fit on the oven door handle. So you can see the progress of two weeks. About 33 rows which was the same as the first week a stride I never hit again since. Tho if I could have counted the rows I had to take out and redo I might have at least once. There have probably been at least 15 such rows since the beginning.

Below Ed is holding it open to show its full size tho he is stretching it a tad at the top.

It's probably big enough now that I could just add the two white rows for the final edge and call it good. But I've had the number 155 in my head for weeks now so I'm going to go ahead and add them.

Having it unfolded gives you a better idea of the length of those rows and why they take 50 to 65 minutes to work.

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