Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bamboo Baby Afghan at 5 Weeks

This weeks stats: It now measures 24x36 inches tho it is folded in half in the pic so you're seeing only 24x18. I'm aiming for 30x36. So six inches to go. I just finished row 122. So 33 to go. I'm about to start the 13th iteration of the ten row pattern. So three more to go plus the three finishing rows. Since I was about to begin row 109 at this time last week I did only 14 rows which is an average of 2 rows per day. The quota I'd set myself was 4.5 but I backed off a bit this week due partly to this respiratory bug and partly to just needing to add back into my life some of the other things I need or want to do.

After learning my niece hopes to bring the baby down our way in late February I lessened the pressure on myself to have this ready for the mail by mid February which would have meant finishing the row work by February 7th in order to have time to put on the fringe.

It was a challenge to get a picture of it this week and the one I did get didn't turn out so well. The flash reflected in the oven door and didn't reach to both sides so there is significant distortion in the brightness and color which I spent more time than I wanted to trying to fix in my photo ap.

I wasn't able to hang it off the oven door handle this week as it was three inches too wide. So I hung it on my white cane and Ed stood off to the side holding it while I took the pictures.

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