Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bamboo Baby Afghan at 8 Weeks

Beginning the fringe work on the baby afghan was one of the items on my to do list for this week's Tuesday To Do Lists post. In order to make this project I'm resisting less amorphous, I broke it down on that list into several actionable tasks:

  • X gather all end pieces from finished balls of thread (gathered from 5 scattered locations)
  • X decide on length of fringe and number of threads by experimenting (approximately 1 inch & 4 threads per fringe piece)
  • decide on method of attaching by experimenting with the stitches
  • X find or make right sized card to wrap thread for making fringe pieces (the logo card off the Lizbeth Cordonet size 20 packages is the perfect width and the fact that it is doubled over provides a handy space to insert the scissor blade or seam ripper to cut the thread after wrapping)
  • cut several hundred white and 100 or so of each pf five pastels
  • attach several inches of fringe pieces in time for picture for Thursday's baby afghan progress report
  • on each side pair the start and stop tails together and knot them (I left this off the list Tuesday but it is an essential step in order to prevent the thing unraveling in the wash)
Well I didn't quite get it done in time for today's progress report but I did make significant progress in less than two days. The big fat Xs indicate what I've marked off on that list.

I'm not going to quite make my original goal of finishing by the end of February either. And my niece was unable to make it down our way with the baby before her six week maternity leave was over so I am going to have to mail it to her in Montana after all. So the sooner I can get this done the better. And as I've mentioned before I really need to stay after myself on this now as I'm not loving fringe work any more than the tail tucking. Note: I've currently got around fifty bookmarks with their tails still hanging out. That's a task to go on the to do list as soon as this afghan is in the mail.

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