Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Poetry Train #56


by Joy Renee

Still, after all this time,
our stories intertwine.
Tho the fibers may be frayed
by strains of distance and years,
never have we each other's
hearts betrayed,
nor scorned the other's fears.

Still, after all these years,
after a million tears
were shed for joy and sorrow,
there has never been a sign
trust had been misplaced. Our
soul's morrow
left steeping in the brine.

Still, after all we've shared
and all the secrets bared,
we could never dare behold
shadows stalking at our keels--
putrid slough off ancient wounds.
We withhold
awareness of such weals.

Still, after all we've been
through, having taken friend-
ship for granted, we embark
upon a desperate voyage
toward a luminous fate
to demark
the depth of our courage.

Still, after all, we're left--
our hearts gashed, seared, bereft--
with spirits aloft, soaring
'or the abyss of despair
refusing to abandon
or sink
our lives beneath such care.

I posted the first three verses of this poem last week, saying I felt it was incomplete. I've added two more and now feel it comes around to closure.

This was inspired by and reflects some of the story and much of the theme of Still Summer by Jacquelyn Mitchard

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