Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hush Now.

I'm sorry but I just need some quiet time and I desperately want to get back to the novel I'm reading--a mystery thriller featuring a serial killer up against a feisty journalist and curmudgeon cop whose inability to see each other as other than their jobs and thus as adversaries is giving their mutual nemesis the edge at the point I had to set it aside this afternoon.

I have Susan Helene to thank for it. I read about this novel on her site several weeks ago and ordered it from our library. The novel is The Morning After by Lisa Jackson and I had to set it aside this afternoon because there was a houseful of people here including family from out of town. They didn't leave until ten this evening and will all be back tomorrow afternoon.

This is the second novel I started since the one I finished for the Read-a-thon Sunday morning. I read Javier Sierra's The Secret Supper Monday and Tuesday. That was quite an interesting read. It's another take on the theme featured in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. But that's about the only thing it has in common.

I said in the week's leading up to the Read-a-thon that I was fixing for a fiction binge! I'm just getting started.

Ed has been using the laptop a lot in the last couple days and will again tomorrow morning. So, unless I'm significantly less worn out by tomorrow's social events than I am tonight, I probably won't get a chance to return the TT visits I owe until Saturday afternoon when everybody--including out of town guests--are going to the dirt track races.

I was planning to use my time on the computer tonight to write my snippet for tomorrow. But I am too weak-willed to tear myself away from the story I'm reading to work on my own. I really need to work on that issue. A writer needs to read! It is how we learn the craft and how we feed the muse. But the ability to switch mental gears from one to the other does not come easy for me at all. And what is a writer who doesn't write?

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