Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #96

Another day another giveaway!

I've been given an opportunity to give away five copies of Still Summer by Jacquelyn Mitchard. The first was won via a special contest on Monday's post.

The remaining four winner's will be selected by some random means from among the commentors expressing an interest in the posts for Tuesday through Friday. One winner per post comment pool. But I won't be selecting the winners until Saturday afternoon. That allows for individuals to make multiple entries (one per post) and gives me time to promote the contest. Sorry but only US and Canadian non PO Box mailing addresses qualify.

You don't have to be a TT participant to participate in the book giveaway on this or any of the other three posts. And visa versa you TTers don't have to be interested in the book to comment. Just remember that only those expressing an interest in winning the book will be entered in the drawings on Saturday.

Tuesday's post is my review of Still Summer. Today is a list of facts about Jacquelyn Mitchard.

Be sure and check out the poem I wrote for Monday Poetry Train inspired by the novel.

Thirteen Things About Jacquelyn Mitchard

1. She is the author of bestseller Still Summer the book I am hosting a giveaway for this week.

2. She is the author of Deep End of the Ocean which became the first Oprah Book Club selection and also a movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer .

3. She is (or was) a syndicated columnist.

4. She has authored at least eleven novels for adults and children.

5. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin...

6. with her husband...

7. and seven children. Seven!

8. She is a self-taught novelist.

9. She teaches two writer's workshops each year.

10. She loves horses

11. She has a web page where you can read some of her articles and her blog, learn about each of her published books and those upcoming, join her forum, listen to podcasts, peruse her photo gallery and see her itinerary.

12. Her birthday is December 10, the same as Emily Dickinson's.

13. From her bio:
If you are smart, you will not play a game with Mitchard involving quotes from song lyrics and British or American literature. If PowerBall were based on this talent, Mitchard would by now own the Amalfi coast.

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