Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Funk

The heat this week has zapped me. It was a tad cooler today (90s instead of 100s) but not enough to snap me out of the funk I've fallen into. I've got a swamp for a brain. So I'm not going to try to put up a snippet this week. I have my home alone Saturday coming up but can't count on being able to write much as I've got a lot of laundry and room cleaning chores to do having neglected them for several weeks already.

I woke at noon today because I didn't sleep until dawn because I started feeling better at midnight Thursday night and started working at various writing tasks. First getting the WG post put up and doing some visiting for it and TT. Then organizing my notes in WhizFolders the ap I use for everything now. It's previous incarnation as WhizNotes I used only for my fiction projects. But the new version allows for live links and object embed and graphic embed as well so it's usefulness is as infinite as thought. I'm using it to collect my WWW bookmarks and organize them in ways that work.

WhizFolders latest update added automatic spelling check. WhizNote, an early Windows (pre 95) version, had no spell check at all so I was really happy to discover WhizFolders had it and not too disappointed that it didn't have automatic spell check--the red lining of misspelled words. In a way I had found that a blessing while working with WhizNotes for all four NaNos. It kept me blissfully ignorant and thus able to resist the temptation to keep fixing things. But when it comes time to post something written that way, I have to run it through a spell check of some kind. I am a terrible speller and add to that the fact that speedy typing and long hours of typing add typos. It is bad. I mean really bad. Often editing takes longer the the original writing.

Anyway, the point being: Crystal's story aka Home Is Where the Horror Is has been entirely written in Whiz--except for the first scene which was written over ten years ago in a word processor and worked over and revised numerous times. And even though I could have used the new spell check in WhizFolder to spell check it, I had not done so. I had been fixing spelling and typos in Blogger each time I copy/pasted over because my Firefox browser does automatic spell check in forms. So, in the wee hours of Friday morning as I started rereading scenes of Crystal's story in preparation for a possible snippet for tonight, the first read through since the update added automatic spell check, all those red lines just popped out at me and I had to fix them. I didn't finish before my eyes wore out Friday morning but I worked on it some more this afternoon and I think I caught them all.

Maybe that hour or two should have been used to write another scene. I don't know. I am just pleased I got something productive done. After the week I've just had, even something as simple as spell checking a 13K manuscript was something to feel good about.

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