Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monday Poetry Train #54

Overflowing Light
by Joy Renee

There is a place within my mind
where every flicker of my thought
casts wavery images on walls
of white
as I
down memory's long halls traverse
reciting lines of ancient verse.

There came a time when lingering long
and wandering far into the maze
that light flared bright and overflowed.
I saw
In awe
as memories mixed with lore of old
and bright reflections of my dreams

were etched with lightning dipped in inks
whose bottomless wells fill with hues
drained from the rainbow's jeweled veins.
My self
must melt
or be consumed by bright untold
stories wove of flame; yet untamed.


Well, I said in yesterday's post that I just might have to write some posts designed to feature pictures off this site. As before the picture is linked to it's page on

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