Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #94

It was another scorching hot day here--triple digits. I know I'm a wimp about heat. I think of the firemen fighting the forest fires; of Ed and his crew loading trucks; of the orchard workers; of my niece volunteering on a horse ranch that provides riding opportunities for handicapped children and adults; of my nephew serving in Baghdad--and I still can't shame myself into productive behaviors.

I was actually thinking of skipping TT; even of skipping posting entirely though it would be the first missed day since April 9, 2007. But then I decided that I could just do another installment from the eleven page list of silly author/title combos. I know, I just did one last week and I usually try to put a month between them. But I have the routine for this down so that I can have one posted twenty minutes after opening Blogger Dashboard. And I could use the time saved to visit TT including the visits I still owe from last week.

I'm working on the front porch. Merlin is with me, his leash attached to the porch rail. But I don't know how much longer he will be content as he has been outside since 8PM. He doesn't eat much during the hot part of the day so he is probably going to start thinking of his food dish soon.

There has been evidence of confusion in comments on these TT featuring these silly author/title combos so I thought I would clarify: No I have not read all of these. These are made-up titles and made-up authors. I remember playing this game as a kid and so did my sister who emailed me the list about four years ago because she remembered. And no neither she nor I nor our brother made any of these up. The list was an email that had been forwarded sumpteen tillion times already. I suspect, tho I never confirmed with her that it was one of the homeschooler's mailing lists she is on because so many of them seem to come out of a kid's mind and I've only had to edit out about four or five so far for offensiveness.

The picture I'm using again this week is of a brass sculpture of a shelf of books that sits on the mantle over the fireplace at our new library. It was featured in the TT last winter that celebrated the grand opening of the library.



And Yet Another 13 Silly Author/Title Combos

Green Spot on the Wall by Picken & Flicken
Greeting Sheep Strangers: Hugh R. Ewe
Guarding the Door: Sergeant Atarms
Guide To Mixology: Bart Ender
Handel's Messiah by Ollie Luyah
Happy New Year! by Mary Christmas
He Disappeared! by Otto Sight
Head of Security: Barb Dwyer
Here's Puss In Your Eye: Lance Boyle
Hertz, Don't It?: Lisa Carr
He's Contagious! by Lucas Measles
Hide and Seek by I.C. You
Highway Travel by Dusty Rhodes

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