Monday, May 05, 2008

Mondays Won't Be the Same

Neither will I after spending the last ten Monday evenings participating in the largest classroom in the world.

Tonight was the last of the Oprah and Eckhart Tolle webinars discussing Tolle's book, A New Earth. The experience has had a profound effect on me. I've been reticent to discuss it here besides the passing reference to it in the early weeks. I'm not sure why other than that old childhood superstition that if you talk about something precious to you it will jinx it somehow.

Or it could be that I wanted to see real world effects that I could pin on the insights before I tried to talk about them for it is more than a truism or superstition that those who do a whole lotta talking about something are often not those who are walking their talk.

I am starting to see those effects. But it still feels too tender to poke at with too many words.

I think I can pin the last seven weeks of new hot-off-the-keyboard poems and story snippets to insights from Tolle's two books (The Power of Now being the other one) applied to my real life issues with anxiety and perfectionism. But it is too soon to know if the last several weeks of a significant lessening of both is a trend or a fluke or just another fluctuation in the cycling of my mood swings.

The poems themselves, though, are the result of deep contemplation of the concepts in A New Earth and The Power of Now. The poems do seem to express those concepts much better than rambling posts like this one.

Maybe it is best to leave it to the poems.

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