Thursday, May 08, 2008

Party Animals

Sweetie in a hole she digs every year in the rose bed. It is still fairly shallow. By July it'll be twice or thrice as deep.

Merlin in a cave he makes for himself in a pile of blankets. If they are not already in a pile he tries to make the pile first. There are three separate blankets visible here but there are at least one or two more out of site under and behind him. It is the funniest thing to watch him make his bed.

These are two of the pics I tried to find a way to include in yesterday's TT photo essay about planning to party hearty. I considered the one of Sweetie for the 'guest list' and this one of Merlin for the morning after instead of the one of him in the box with the laser eyes. But the words 'shrimp party' on that box made it irresistible.

Poor Merlin is probably feeling a lot like making a cave right now. I slammed his tail in the door on the way back in the house after we had been in the yard for nearly an hour. Blame it on my eyes and their not adjusting quickly from bright to dark.

Have you ever had a cat scream in your ear? Aiiyiyi!

I was carrying him over my right shoulder and reached back with my right arm for the door handle and the door was falling outward. I grabbed the handle and gave it a tug and let go as I moved on into the hall. I didn't move fast enough. I was still on the move when the door slammed shut. Merlin's tail was still outside. Poor baby.

I'm posting these tonight because I needed something quick and easy to put up. Today is another a bit on the rocky side. It seems that a good day is usually followed by a bit lees good day. The easy fatigue is the only symptom left from that flu bug and though my energy and strength levels are steadily improving I have learned to respect the need to listen to my body's demand for rest. This reminds me an awful lot of the aftermath of Mono when I was seventeen. For years after that, every time I had any kind of virus there would be a long aftermath of severe fatigue.

Anyway, I had hoped to post my Friday Snippet tonight and break that habit of putting up a shell place holder on Fridays and then not paste in the snippet until Saturday or Sunday or like last weekend not until Monday noon! But no dice. Maybe tomorrow. I also owe a lot of visits for TT and may have to choose between making them and preparing the snippet. I'll see how tomorrow goes. If I do choose one over the other tomorrow then the other will take priority on Saturday.

Egads. I just reread that and it sounds whiny and I absolutely do not feel whiny. Emotionally and mentally I am feeling quite well. On a gratitude/resentment scale I am way into the gratitude zone.

Compared to two weeks ago, things are looking up indeed. Then I still needed help climbing in and out of the shower. This week I've gone out to the back yard three times with Merlin, a stack of books and the camera. Sunday Ed and I walked down to the creek and back where I got pictures I'm planning to post for Sunday Serenity on Saturday.

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