Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunday Serenity #55

These are the pictures I took down by Bear Creek last Sunday. A perfect place for a serene moment.

This is aimed down onto the bike/hike trail from the top of the ramp. The creek is to the right and the trailer park we came from is to the left but we live in the middle of it and had to walk up to the road via the park's exit which is over a block to our left. My goal that day was that tiny white speck at the foot of the ramp which you see close up below. It is a raise manhole over a small tributary coming from the hills to the west. One of several directed under ground to the west of town.

It took at least fifteen minutes to get this far. It usually takes about five. I sat here taking pictures and reading for fifteen minutes or so while Ed walked on up the trail with Sweetie to give her a workout and to smoke out of my airspace.

This is taken from my seat on the manhole aimed south to the road and the bridge over the creek. Below I turn and aimed about halfway between straight right and straight ahead. I like the shape of that clump of trees. The last time I saw them the were still naked.

This paved trail is used by bikers, hikers, scooters, skaters, skateboarders and joggers and dogs on leashes. It stretches for 21 miles from Ashland OR about 12 miles south to Central Point OR about 10 miles north of us.

Above is aimed straight ahead at the blackberry brambles obscuring sight of the creek which I could hear from where I sat. Below is aimed to the left/north. The tiny figures are Ed and Sweetie. I should have taken that one first before they had gotten so far.

Below are three pictures Ed took from the bridge on our way home. I waited at the top of the ramp with Sweetie. I was too shaky to trust myself alone on the bridge and we didn't think it wise to take Sweetie onto that narrow walkway. At least not if one of us could not give our full attention to her. So Ed took the shots per my instructions because I had taken three shots from the center of the bridge in March and wanted the same three shots--to the left, to the right and straight down the creek. My goal is to have a set for all four seasons by the end of the year.

That was my first excursion out of the yard on foot since I got sick the week after Easter.

I posted pictures of the same areas taken in March when there was no leaves on the trees yet. I was going to hunt that link down so you could compare but I need to get back to work on my snippet. Here it is closing in on midnight Saturday and the shell I put up last night is still sans snippet.

Maybe I'll update this with that link later but anyone curious can find them in my March archives or by Googling this site for Bear Creek. Once I track down that post I will add the label Bear Creek to it. There will be more as I am planning to get pictures of the creek in all of its seasonal moods.

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