Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Julian Pavone the Baby Drummer

This is another of the talented kids featured on Oprah Monday. Julian Pavone, now age 3, started showing real talent with the drumsticks before his first birthday. There are more videos of him posted at YouTube following his progress from more than a year before he graduated out of diapers. This one was taped last September.

My fascination with this kid is enhanced by my own fascination with drums going back to early grade school at least. As I've mentioned here before, my first choice of band instrument as I entered sixth grade was the drums and neither the male teacher nor my parents even paused to contemplate before delivering emphatic 'nos'. All of them opined that girls did not play drums. My Mom's most strenuous objection was their noisiness but both my parents also wanted me to learn an instrument with which I could glorify God and could not envision the drums in that role.

Oh, well. Just because I was intrigued by them didn't mean I had any talent for them. Still, I wonder sometimes....

I'm posting another talented kid video tonight mostly because it is easy. I've been feeling for several days like I'm coming down with another cold while hoping that it is 'just' allergies. Either way it is zapping me of energy I really couldn't spare in the first place.

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