Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #88


Oh, the Possibilities!
by Joy Renee

Thought you guys might like to see
all that I got on my $3 Trillion shopping spree.
I could have gone wild and thought only of me,
but I wanted instead to spread the glee.
Since, after all, this big pot of money
represents the cost of Iraq to out country--
the sum of all we spent and borrowed plus any
interest to accrue before the bill is due--
all of which is funded by tax revenue.
So I bought only that guaranteed
to add the greatest quality
to the lives of the majority
of Americans and incidentally
the whole global community.
I know it's just a fantasy,
but picture with me the possibility
of a world where security
can be insured with a strategy
as far unlike that of a bully
as the temperament of a ewe
is unlike that of a shrew.
Imagine with me
a global society
with a strong economy
whose currency
is not based on greed
but rather mutual hospitality.
It may seem like idiocy,
but the old way is insanity.

Thirteen of the 103 things I bought on my $3 Trillion Shopping Spree:

Cure a Deadly Disease
8 purchased for $1,500,000.00 each

Achieve Universal Literacy
1 purchased for $5,000,000,000.00 each

finish repairing the damage done by Katrina
1 purchased for $200,000,000,000.00 each

End hunger and poverty related diseases
1 purchased for $195,000,000,000.00 each

Universal Health Care for Every American (300 million of us)
1 purchased for $920,100,000,000.00 each

Food, Shelter & Vet Care for Unwanted Pets
1 purchased for $15,000,000,000.00 each

Build & Fill a New Library
8 purchased for $50,000,000.00 each
(after buying these eight, I found a an option for buying them in bulk
100 New Libraries
2 purchased for $5,000,000,000.00 each. So I really bought 208 fully stocked libraries, including electronic media)

1,000 Librarians' Salaries
7 purchased for $38,000,000.00 each. That's 7000 librarians!

120,000 Nurses (US shortage 2003)
1 purchased for $6,240,000,000.00 each

Create an Art Center that would provide free programs for all school children in dance, theater, fine arts, creative media, writing, music, etc.
1 purchased for $30,000,000.00 each

100,000 low income housing units
14 purchased for $500,000,000.00 each

100,000 low income housing units
14 purchased for $500,000,000.00 each

News Corp
1 purchased for $56,540,600,000.00 each

This last one probably needs some explanation. I bought this global mega media monopoly in order to break it up and sell off its constituent TV and radio broadcasting stations, publishing houses, magazines, newspapers, TV and movie production companies, etc because no one man, corporation or any other type of man-made entity should have that much control over what does and doesn't get published or produced or broadcast; nor the ability that kind of monopoly gives them to fix prices, wages, and royalties and control copyrights indefinitely.

I am not just picking on Fox. I would do the same to Time Warner and many other media conglomerates. Not only does this kind of monopoly of information dumb down the population it also makes it harder for new artists--writers, musicians, performers, etc to break in and be fairly rewarded for their efforts and their talent.

For more info on just how far the influence and control of such media monopoly goes, click on the link above and read the explanation there and see the list of all the media companies owned by News Corp.

See the rest of my 103 purchases by clicking on the link in the second line of my introductory poem.

Go have your own shopping spree. Warning: it takes a long time to spend $3,000,000,000,000. Even when you're just pretending.

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