Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Merlin, Well Named or What?

Merlin was discovered just after four this morning by my father-in-law. He was in the back hall aka laundry room just inside Sweetie's doggy door. Ed's Dad picked him up and brought him out to the front room and cat sat until 5AM when Ed got up. When Ed opened our room door, Merlin was waiting there. Ed's Dad said he had been going back and forth between the couch and our door ever few minutes.

If you read last night's post you know that Merlin, an indoor cat since a kitten, had got out yesterday sometime before 11:30 AM and that I was in a panic about it from the moment it started pouring rain about 8:15 PM last night.

Here's the thing. He was bone dry with not a speck of dirt on him. How to explain that? A talent for appartating like his namesake Merlin the Wizard? Or can he walk between the rain drops and levitate?

I could have known he was back nearly an hour sooner if Merlin had vocalized even once after coming back in the house. He is not much of a talker. Unlike our Gremlyn who seldom shut up unless she was eating or sleeping.

I had just turned out my light, finally willing to give in to sleep just a few minutes before five and had just started to doze when Ed got up. I had heard his Dad get up and come out to the front room shortly after four and my only thought was that I hoped it hadn't been my going out onto the front porch to take one last peek for any sign of Merlin that had disturbed him as he usually doesn't get up until after 5:30.

I was listening to Ed get up, find his glasses and watch in the dark and open the door. I was listening for the door to close but instead I heard Ed say, "I see." and then heard him turn back into the room and say, "Joy! Turn on your light."

Before I could find the switch to my lamp though, I felt the weight of Merlin hit the bed near my feet. That familiar thump/bounce sensation. And there he was. His first order of business was to greet me and exchange nuzzles. He even let me snuggle him for half a minute before struggling away. He headed to his food dish and went at it as if he meant to be at it all day. But after only a couple bites he came back for more nuzzles, snuggles and petting. And for the next twenty minutes he alternated between his food dish and me.

All day long he has been extra hungry, extra tired and extra affectionate.

I'm left wondering just what he did and where he went and how he managed to stay dry and clean? But I guess my insatiable need to know the story will have to learn to live with the mystery. Merlin ain't tellin.

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